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Henry Lau Trufax
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The epic win that is Henry Lau, the greatest human being ever.
This LJ community is dedicated the one and only EVER so awesome, Henry Lau. Here at henry_trufax, we pride ourselves on providing the latest news and little known facts on the best thing that's ever happen to this universe in the history of forever (i.e. Henry). We never reveal our sources, because as REAL journalists we cannot lower our integrity and do such. SO DON'T EVEN BOTHER ASKING, MMKAY? Simply put, if you like Chuck Norris, then you will LOVE Henry (considering the fact that it is physically impossible to not love Henry anyways, IJAF).

Also, we'd like to state that Henry Trufax is serious business. We're never not serious business! Every article we post has been meticulously researched by our crack team!

Now before you enter ask yourself...

srs biz

If so, then please to be joining this community of yes and winnage.

WARNING: The creator and maintainers of this particular community are not to be held responsible for any win related deaths or face meltage due to Henry's epicness. Enter at your own risk.